Jmeter distributed test


  1. master + slave

  2. Excute process:master send shell to the slave,slave get the shell to running test.

  3. finish running:slave send the result to the slave,master collect all slave test result.

slave configuration

  1. install Jmeter

  2. add environment variable

  3. start jmeter:
  4. save the endpoint infomation.

  5. other slaves repeat step1-step4

master configuration

  1. creat a post shell

  2. find the

  3. open Jmeter,select running:
    select ‘Remote boot all machine’,you can see the all slave test result on the master GUI
    select ‘Remote boot machine’,you can see the slave test result on the Command line interface

Custom slave port

slave—— :change to the following


master—— :


restart jmeter.bat

Other instructions

  1. master and slave independence
  2. Use the CSV parameter, you need to take a parameter file and the path to set the same copy on each slave
  3. The Jmeter versions and plug-ins installed on each machine are the same.